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We are two entrepreneurs who could not find healthy and nutritious vegan alternatives to cheese. To eat a mixture of flour, oil and flavour enhancers to look like cheese? - NOT FOR US!

It all started when we found what's behind a "natural flavour" (we advice you not to even google its definition and what's in it...). This is common "ingredient" in a lot of vegan products including cheese. You know when you start wanting to eat a more plant based diet and find a whole new world of products that can easily substitute its animal version, to later find out that you are harming your health and well being? Well, has much as we had loved to find the best products already existing, we started solving our own problem and making our own alternatives to cheese, based on almonds, a super nutritious ingredient, locally grown in Portugal, at first to be consumed by us, but soon by our friends and family. The response has been so good and the requests so many (because the product is great, healthy and delicious!!!) that we are now present in Portugal, United Kingdom and Spain, at the main organic stores and supermarkets isles (just the ones with the organic and healthy products, you know?).

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